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Below we try to answer the most common questions and assumptions around COLOCATION.GREEN

CO2 is the biggest threat to the long term well being of this planet. Most other industries were able to reduce their C02 emissions compared to the 1990 baseline. Data Centers on the other hand are a rapidly growing factor projected to go from 2 % of the global emissions to 5-8% in 2025.

With Colocation.Green we are able to create data center products that have close to know C02 emissions, at the the best energy price in Germany. 

Currently we planning our first sustainable data center in North Germany. We have finalized the designs for the HPC & Business Modules.

According to your timeline from Authorities and our sales effort we plan to start to open our first data center in Q4/2020.

We build out our data center locations with data center modules; each customised for its application. This way we stay flexible and ensure that we guarentee always the highest possible efficiency for each IT Hardware type. We are able to offer colocation for air, water or oil (immersed) cooled Server Hardware. 

This one is probably the most own known fact about the North German Infrastructure, but actually we have full Fiber-to-home (FTTH) Infrastructure throughout Northfriesland. Through these we connect to the large Fiber Infrastuctures that connect North Germany and Skandanavia. This enables bandwith into Tbit/s ranges at ultra low latency. 

Refering back to “the Why”. We see this as one of the major differentiator. Not one single other data center provider can claim the efforts we are going through in order to reduce our CO2 foot print. Here is a short list of our efforts:

  1. Ultra efficient data center design; annual average > 1.05 PUE
  2. Direct windfarm supply. Reducing CO2 emissions form 50 % to only 5%.    (50% is the Germany grid average.)
  3. Reuse of Waste heat energy. Our HPC designs enable the transfer of data center heat to the community heat grid.
  4. No use of  ozon damaging coolent fluids
  5. Composable IT Infrastructure

NOC, Protected site, Camera systems, electronic locking, special precautions against large vehicles.
Data Centers need protection for a reason. At Colocation.Green we protect your Server and Data on all levels.
The Data Center location is protected with a bank and a Fence on top of it. The location is under video surveillance 24/7 with a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed at all times.

We can support you with the latest Firewall, IDS/IPS, Dos, and DDoS technologies. Your traffic is safe going out and coming into our Data Center. The Data Center Modules are certified against all physical, environmental, and external threads as per DIN ISO and EN50600.

This one is most frequently asked throughout the last 5 years: What happens when there is no Wind?

Obviously, we will not stop operations in this case. Our special grid configuration allows us to use conventional energy. Luckily for us, there is not only renewable wind energy installed around us but also biogas plants and solar energy. So we have close to 100% renewable energy at all times.

Colocation.Green will certified for all relevant business use cases und customer demands. The data center will be certified according to DIN ISO 27001 & EN50600. In terms of sustainability we will be the first Colocation Data Center certified with the “Blauer Engel” Label in Germany. Further we will work with the Fraunhofer Institute IEE together to create our own Certificate proofing the CO2 reductions to our customers.

In Additon we are looking into getting our Data Center Designs OCP approved. 

We work very hard to get the most sustainable data center operation in Germany of the ground. Data Center Design is Final, Partner contracts signed, The Sales Pipeline is exploding. All in all we project a Data Center operations to start in Q4/2020



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